"Down Time"

40 to 50 percent of engine wear, malfunction and catastrophic failure start internally in the cooling system.

(Reference: Caterpillar and Cummins Inc, leading engine manufacturers)

This is due to undetected and undetectable contamination resulting from spent additives (SCA's), Glycol film, spent coolant and foreign particles causing extreme localised overheating known as hot-spots. These do not show on the temperature gauge, damaging oil viscosity and altering critical clearances resulting in premature wear, malfunction and engine failure.

This occurs in all types of engine, including the modern and well maintained and results in major downtime and operational expense.

Keeping the entire internal cooling system in pristine condition by rapid power flushing and purge of the cylinder head, block, radiator and heater cores and reinstating with fresh coolant every two years. Every year is recommended in extreme operating environments. Engine manufacturers require cooling systems to be flushed.

PCS PulseFLush FL100 Machine incorporating the superior and leading technology of Advanced Pulsating Hydro pneumatics.

For engine preventative maintenance service significantly reducing and eliminating entirely the above percentage of engine wear, malfunction, downtime and catastrophic failure.

With the high demands placed on modern engines and equipment, mechanical workshops can now provide the most up to date technology in this field, the FL100 Pulse Flush service, achieving excellent results in cooling system maintenance not previously obtainable.

The FL100 Pulse Flush is a Best Practice engine service.

Army Report: FL100 Pulse Flush Engine Service Tests.

Two Army generators were run up to full continuous operating temperature at 80% load.

"Before" temperatures was measured externally using Infra-red digital equipment at marked locations. The engines were then shut down and serviced with the FL100 Pulse Flush Machine.

On completion the generators were again run up to full continuous operating temperature at 80% load for the same period of time. "After" temperatures were then taken at the same locations. This recorded a big reduction in engine operating temperature.



Military M113

Army report after specific FL100 PulseFlush testing.
'....the simple act of a cooling system FL100 PulseFlush gave a substantial reduction in engine running temperature. is a most useful item of maintenance equipment....bringing wide ranging benefits to Army equipment. ....there is no down-side to introducing into service this item of engine maintenance equipment.'
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Defence Force, Base Repair and Maintenance Supplier.
'....we constantly seek to improve services to our clients and using the PulseFlush Technology has proved beyond doubt the importance of power flushing engines. The main advantages to our clients is shorter service down-time, improved life expectancy....'

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Major Roading and Infrastructure Company.
Reference, FL100 PulseFlush Machine. '....I have been impressed with the speed and efficiency when used on our equipment.'

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Temperature Reduction
 Block Temperature
7 (10%)
 Head Temperature
11 (11%)
 Exhaust Manifold Temperature
8 (3%)
 Block Temperature
10 (10%)
 Head Temperature
9 (10%)
 Exhaust Manifold Temperature
22 (7%)

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These figures represent a large reduction in engine operating temperatures and the significant benefits of the FL100 PulseFlush cooling system service.

The FL100 PulseFlush machine is a vital item of engine servicing equipment for mechanical workshops.


Engine cooling system power flush technology enabling engines to operate at peak reliability and peak performance in all environments.

Professional Coolant Services manufactures and supplies power flush and purge equipment for engine internal cooling systems that significantly reduces down time, failure and operating costs. The FL100 PulseFlush Technology is proven, incorporating Advanced Pulsating Hydro pneumatics. It is the most effective and efficient cooling system preventative maintenance service available.

The FL100 is used in the heavy machinery, heavy transport, Military, power generation, marine and automotive industries servicing all water cooled engines up to 2000 hp.